Below is the full showreel of all creative works featuring Ryan Arthur Day and some projects Tin Can Productions has been involved in directly.

Peer Review

Luke Hughes: I like the layout of the website, it has all elements of a website from the internet. I like the search bars and how easy it is to navigate through the website. Good work.*

Samuel Clements: Very Professional layout and easy to navigate. 

Ewan Roper: Clean website and very user friendly. Good use of tabs. Clear signs of work/research.
Filmography is needed, have a few more pictures for reference, Move Peer Review into a separate tab, Grammatical Errors.

General Public: The site is easy to use and very informative, it explains Tin Can Productions and Ryan's role within it extremely well, wanting to learn more and see some future projects.

Smaller And Earlier

Schrodinger's Mirror was a short Horror Filmed at the end of 2019 applying the concept of Schrodinger's cat to an evil personality in a mirror.

Us and Them was the final major project for Ryan's time in college and shows off some of his earlier film making style.



Word of Mouth was recorded live at the end of the first year of University with a large crew.

For a look at the more recent works from Ryan and Tin Can Productions, click here