The Beginning

This project began as a task for the university, a mixed team of three production companies came together to form the crew and cast for this project, these where made up of Tin Can Productions (Ryan Day), Gilgamesh Productions (Joe Clements) and Cthulhu Multi Media (Samuel Clements). 


The basis of the task was to create a short advertisement for the university, by showing off multiple landmarks and services offered by the town and university.

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Soon the three got together and began brain storming multiple ideas which ranged from a night out on the town to a short sketch set within the university building. Finally it was settled on that a ancient Egyptian ​Pharaoh would get a tour round Southend, showing him all the fun things to do.

This was backed up by the logo of peer TV being made to look like the Eye of Horus, this connected to some of the historical past of Southend whilst also stating the channels purpose of looking at uni life and life within the town.

The main issue we would have was acquiring the outfit for the Pharaoh who would eventually become Horus himself. This was eventually fixed with a visit to the local costume shop which allowed the costume to be purchased for around £30.

The Planning

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Production and Post-Production

Attempting to get locations to film in was far harder than anticipated, as students the crew had full permission to film within the town high-street but other locations within the original script. Much of the script had to be changed or completely removed at this time, mainly due to this factor as well as budgetary restrictions.

Eventually filming began with the script becoming more of a loose guide, this decision was to give the crew more freedom when filming as locations where more or less chosen on the fly. This brought a major issue when it came to filming on the Seafront as one of the arcade owners took issue with his arcade being on show, the crew simply moved to the other side of the road and instead filmed some brief scenes outside adventure Island. 

Most of the filming went unhindered and the script was mostly followed, then it came to the editing process.

Multiple different versions of the edit where put forward for the university to review, most of which where shot down, later re-edits allowed for a more polished final version although this still did not have the full comedic power that we had wanted.

The 2nd Edit featured Dubbed Audio as well as an alternative ending which was designed to look more professional than the first.

The 40 Second Edit, again featured raw audio, whilst including a couple of deleted scenes which had been removed from the first three edits. The faster pacing was designed to put forward the same points as the first three edits but in a far shorter format.

The First Edit, This featured un-edited audio as well as the original ending that had first been put forward in the ideas process.

The Narrative Edit was an ad-libbed redesign of the original advert in a making-of style, giving the impression the two characters are watching back their adventures and laughing about them with the audience.