The Beginning

This was the Year 2 FMP for the University, involving the largest crew within the University to date, to begin with the entire class was called in to help create a short film, this eventually split into two groups until the ideas completely separated and one film became two, now stuck with only a month left for pre-production, it was a race against the clock to pull a short film out of the bag.


Once the arguments and disagreements had settled and the two groups moved on to create their own ideas, movement finally started making serious movement on their FMP's.

The crew for Masked consisted of Ryan Day (Tin Can Productions) as the Screen Writer, Zara Wilson as the Producer, Luke Hughes as a Camera man and Mitchell Hurley as the Director (ZLM Productions) with Joseph Clements (Gilgamesh Productions) on Research.

The first phase of idea generation for masked revolved around the idea of communism removing individuality and forcing an iron fist down on the people who live within the borders of communist nation states. 

Slowly the idea grew to a dystopian world in which hte power had gone out and a new society formed around it, with jabs at capitalist and communist societies of the past, taking a-lot of influence from the Peoples Republic of China.

Ryan was tasked with creating the story, script and lore for the short film, this process was completed relativley fast as it is Ryans fortey and what he specialises in.

Production and Post-Production

Soon a script was written-based around the idea of five people who have rebelled against the system and are discussing their lives on the run, this was then changed to them rebelling against a programming chip within their heads, but the expressionless masks remained.

Zara was in constant communications with the council about permission to film in Gunners park, however, a plan to have a small campfire meant the council would not let us film within the historic park, a rewrite was required.

Whilst the Park was still used for the opening sequence an actual TV studio was used for the bulk of the film, the cast dropped to two with the campfire removed for a police style interrogation. The script was also shorter than the original but gave Ryan the ability to really focus on the characterisation of the two leads and introduce a new plot twist within the film, although not on as grand a scale as the earlier scripts the project now had a more compressed charm about it.


The plot now centered around a captured rebel fighter and his interrogation at the hands the mysterious government forces, explaining the the issues with the world he lives in whilst attempting to convert his interrogator to his cause.

The filming for this took place over three days, two of which in a studio, this however gave a series of issues, the biggest being the lighting. With two different days and a different producer for each, the lighting was completely different, this made editing the film a daunting task when Joe took up the role later.


This resulted again in Multiple edits which can be found below.

The Mitchell Hurley Directors Cut, features a unique take on the project, closer to our origional vision.

The Faster paced edit was done to attract a younger market although little focus was added to it.

The Joe Clements edit featured many errors as well as pacing issues and incorrect spellings during the opening sequence.

The First Trailer edit was set to pace of the film, this was the one submitted as the final edit, as it fit the pacing of the film the best.