The Beginning

One day, mid way through class, an opportunity to film rehearsals for the dance course was taken up, multiple students joined and a crew list was quickly drawn up, with Joe Clements of Gilgamesh Productions taking the lead role as Producer/Director, Whilst Luke Hughes and Ryan Arthur Day went forward as camera operators.


A few days later the crew gathered to begin filming the rehearsals, this shoot was primarily for the college to use in a promotional video and started early in the morning, but two immediate issues where faced, a lack of equipment and a Producer who had fallen ill.​ Ryan decided to take the lead at this point and acquired the equipment required to film in around half an hour. From this point the day ran smoothly, filming in the Dance Studios in the college as well a few sea-front locations. Ryan and Luke where invited back to film once more for the Dance Studio at their end of Year Show.

The Rehearsals

The Live Show

As time approached for the Dimensions Dance Company end of year show approached, preparations where made to ensure high end equipment would be available for filming. The first piece of this was a Sony Fs7 Mark II, which was rented from the University. A Rode Microphone and a Nikon 3400D was also acquired from the University and the former Producer, Joe Clements.


With all the equipment in place it was time to assemble a larger crew, with Luke pulling out of the project due to family issues. Ryan acquired a new Camera-man in Mitchell Hurley, later Alex Rae would join the crew as a second Camera-man and finally Annouska Watts also joined the Crew as the third and final Camera-woman.

On the day of filming it was decided to film from two floors at two angles, with the roles being re-arranged accordingly. Mitch became an assistant Director and managed the shots on the lower floors with Alex, whilst Ryan and Annouska managed those on the higher levels.

After filming was completed Ryan went through the 5 hours worth of footage and edited together the whole show over the course of two weeks. A further, shorter, promotional version of the show is currently in the works.

The finished, full length, show can be found below.