The Beginning

This was an earlier task for the university, this was to create a professional Music Video for an official song, however it was decided early in the idea generation process to use a song written by Ryan Day of Tin Can Productions, he would also sing the song as well as star in thew video itself. Joe Clements (Gilgamesh Productions) was brought in to rap whilst Samuel Clements (Cthulhu Multimedia) was brought in for cinematography.

Demons of Love Thumbnail.jpg


Pre-Production began straight away, mainly looking into recording the actual song itself, the original song was around five minuets long and included a rap segment, however this was to be drastically cut in the second version of the song. 

The second version was designed to be sung by a trio although the idea did not pan out and eventually Ryan removed the rap sequences entirely and sung the song, in its entirety, himself.

However, no piece of music that long could fit the actual song and time had run out to have a backing track made, this caused tension among the team as no one knew how to fix the problem, it was solved by shortening the song to just over two minuets and using a placeholder backing track from epidemic sound.

Production and Post-Production

Location finding for this project was far easier than it was when making the Peer TV. There was three locations that everyone agreed would be needed, a woodland area, a bedroom and possibly a church, the first two where easy to come by as the crew simply filmed in Ryan's bedroom and used the local Belfairs Woods to film the woodland scenes. Ryan began contact with the Reverend of a near by local Church and multiple meetings took place to discuss what shots and scenes would be filmed within the church ground, all of which where cleared and filming could begin.

The Church and Bedroom scenes where shot without a hitch and worked easily when compared to Belfairs Woods, a day in-which creative differences took a serious tole on the group.

With no real structure as to who was in charge of the project, Ryan argued that as it was his project he should have the greatest creative control, whilst Samuel argued as DOP it should be him and Joe clambered that his vision for the woodland scenes would be the best, this delayed filming for two hours as the group argued other what shots would be needed, eventually ending in three very different cuts of the music video being created, Ryan's cut can be found below.

The fracture in the group lasted for the remainder of the project and bled into other projects as well, however the final product came out relatively well and was received graciously by audiences, with Ryan even hoping to dive into Music videos again in the future once he has completed University.

The re-edit of the video featured added sound effects, clearer audio and a new visual layer over the project to give it a more stylized feel.

The original edit was okay with the actual cuts but lacked much visually and required some changes to the audio.