Title Sequences

As a part of University the class where tasked with various title sequences

 Below are some of the created ones as well as two idents for the production company all created solely by Ryan Arthur Day.

This Ryan Arthur Day's personal rendition of the Harry Potter Title Sequence.

Ryan created a segment of the Walking dead intro, featuring the Tin Can Productions name.

For this Title Sequence Ryan put a more coloured spin on the Batman logo.

This Title Sequence is a jokey spin on the Bourne Legacy opening.

Ryan placed the windows start up sound over the Intel logo to add a humourus factor to this Ident.

This was Ryan's first attempt at 3D tracking.

Again sticking to the red theme Ryan recreated the Tomorrowland opening.

This was a recreation of the VH1 Music Ident.

Ryan placed a oriental spin on the Home Alone opening here.

This is the main Ident for Tin Can Productions, and one of the first ideas for the Art of the Title submissions, due in March 2020.

This Version of the Ident is designed specifically to Æðelboren©.

For this Title Sequence Ryan placed a Hammer House Horror feel to the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opening.

The early draft of the Æðelboren© opening, this shows an overview of the story before the start of the pilot and showcases the companies involved in its creation

A basic rendition of the 1960's William Hartnell opening of Doctor Who, Using Particle effects to achieve the famous Title Sequence.

A custom Doctor Who Title Sequence based off of the Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy Title Sequences, again using Particle effects.