About Tin Can Productions

Tin Can Productions is a small production company started by Ryan Arthur Day at University, it has mostly created student films but recently has started creating more serious productions like the Dimensions Dance Company End of Year Show. 

The driving ethos of Tin Can Productions is Story First | Life Second and focuses on ignoring any political agendas like forced casting and if a story or character demands something, you follow that path, rather than taking away from it and creating a hollow film or television show.


Below is some of the groups Tin Can Productions has collaborated or worked with in the past.

DMRLS - A small family business that has funded some of the productions that Tin Can Productions has made or is making.

Gilgamesh Productions - One of Tin Can Productions main collaborators, working on various productions such as the Peer TV Advert, Masked, Demons of Love, Schrodinger's Mirror and the 5 Day Comedy.

Cthulhu Multi-Media - Helped many with Cinematography on the Peer TV Advert and Demons of Life.

ZLM Productions - There was a heavy Collaboration with this production company during the making of Masked.

Sam Upton Film & Video (SUFAV) - Small collaboration on a video produced for Holiday Inn.